Health & Safety Policy Statement

The health and safety of both workforce and site staff is of paramount importance and the Managing Director takes personal responsibility for the review and updating of our Company Health and Safety Policy ensuring that all of our responsibilities are met.

We work closely with our Health & Safety Consultants, Handson Safety Services to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained both at our premises and on site. A rolling training programme is in place to maintain and update our staffs’ training records and skill base.

Statement of Intent

  • The management of ASA Steel Structures Limited looks upon the promotion of Health and Safety measures as a mutual objective for themselves and their employees.
  • Therefore, it is Company policy to do all that is reasonably practical to prevent personal injury and eliminate any hazards and danger.
  • In particular, the management of ASA Steel Structures Limited recognises its responsibility:
  • To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
  • To provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely.
  • To maintain a continuing and progressive interest in Health and Safety.
  • To take into account all statutory requirements for Health and Safety.
  • To consult and involve employees in Health and Safety matters whenever possible.
  • Working safely.
  • Meeting their statutory duties.
  • Reporting incidents that have led or may lead to injury or damage.

ASA have CHAS accreditation as certificate Click here to download certificate.

ASA have been members of the BCSA for 30 years and attend regular meetings and receives updates from them relating to our industry. Our Membership Certificate can be Click here to download certificate.

We have pre-qualified requirements appropriate to public and private sector procurement. As our shown by our Certificate of Membership Click here to download certificate.

ASA are members of the SCI as Click here to see our membership.

ASA Steel Structures Accreditations